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Xi Jinping speech APEC summit reiterated: Chinese never open the door shut

Release Time:2015-11-24

Xi Jinping: to accelerate the construction of free trade area of the Asia Pacific

President Xi Jinping in November 18th at the APEC CEO Summit keynote speech entitled "play the leading role of the Asia Pacific global economic challenges" of the.

Xi Jinping said that the global economic growth lower than expected, the potential growth rate of decline in international trade and Investment The world economic downturn, there may be more than one engine and then stall stall. The world economy is to fully to health from sub-health, is likely to experience a long and tortuous process.

Xi Jinping stressed that to adhere to the construction of an open economy. To speed up the construction of the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone, to promote regional economic integration. To equal participation and full consultation, the greatest degree of enhancement of free trade arrangements open and inclusive, improve the economic level, the Asia Pacific Open uphold the multilateral trading system.

Xi Jinping also said that to promote interoperability. Through the interconnection of various regions and countries, the factors of production, industrial production of complementary advantages, mutual exchange of needed products development experience of mutual learning, to optimize the supply chain, industry chain and value chain, the formation of the Asia Pacific economies of scale and linkage effects, to achieve the overall vibration of the Asia Pacific Economic prosperity.

For Chinese economy, Xi Jinping pointed out that the "13th Five-Year" period is the completion of a comprehensive well-off society in the decisive stage. We will accelerate the reform and innovation, accelerate the transfer mode, adjust the structure, efforts to solve the problems in the process of development, foster the development of new power, create new advantages, create new opportunities for the development of.

Xi Jinping said, will implement a more proactive opening-up strategy, efforts to build a new system of open economy, raise the level of the open economy. We will accelerate the construction of high standard free trade area. Chinese - upgrade ASEAN Free Trade Area negotiations nearing completion. To play its positive effect. In Australia, China and South Korea free trade agreement is expected to take effect in years, has become the new impetus to economic growth. We will work together to complete the regional comprehensive economic partnership negotiations as soon as possible, to speed up the negotiation process of China Japan South Korea Free Trade area. We will continue to promote the reform of foreign investment management system, greatly reduce the foreign access restrictions, strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, create a transparent, efficient and equal market environment.

Xi Jinping pointed out, we will carry out regional cooperation in a wider scope and higher level, a deeper level, work together to build an open, inclusive, balanced and inclusive framework for regional cooperation.

Xi Jinping said that at present, the main economic corridor and a large number of major projects are steadily advancing bilateral multilateral. We set up a silk fund and put into operation. We are the same more than 50 countries actively build infrastructure investment banking in Asia, creating new investment financing The platform is expected, Asian investment bank will be formally established by the end of the year, to provide financing support for a number of major projects. We focus on trade, energy, investment, culture and other key areas and gradually establish and perfect a new platform, the existing bilateral and multilateral mechanisms to stimulate new vitality.
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